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Organization and policy

The Rotterdam Central Discoteque Foundation (CDR) was founded in 1961 by Rob Maas. The foundation had as basic principles taste expansion and musical development. With this aim, LPs were initially loaned; from 1982 CDs and later also music DVDs. Nowadays music is mainly listened to via the internet. Lending is therefore no longer the core task. The CDR is increasingly focusing on digital services, such as the website Through this website, but also in other ways, the CDR wants to be a reliable and neutral guide as well as a source of information in the sometimes unclear and busy music landscape. The CDR has no commercial objective. The introduction to music and the broadening of taste are still paramount. The CDR principle has therefore never been changed, only the means with which this is pursued. However, the name has been changed. The CDR has grown from a local, Rotterdam 'record library' into the national, Dutch music library: Muziekweb. No closed archive, but a publicly accessible institution, independent and reliable and still working from the same mission as in 1961: making it possible to expand taste and musical development for everyone in the Netherlands.

Click here to read the extensive brochure about the history, activities and future plans of Muziekweb.